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    About Sprindesk ®

    What is Sprindesk ® ?

    Sprindesk ® is a freelance marketplace where you can deliver work and/or get a work delivered. If you are an Employer and need a website created, a paper written, or anything else, this is the perfect place to find talented freelancers to do the job for you. If you feel you are qualified enough to do work, you are always welcome to sing up as a freelancer and get great job opportunities.

    How to get started on Sprindesk ® ?

    The only thing you need to do is sign up for a freelancer or employer profile. It is a very easy step by step procedure. If you do everything as we recommend, you will have a great profile in no time and you will be able to post jobs or apply for jobs.

    How does Sprindesk ® work for employers ?

    If there is a job that needs to be done by a qualified specialist, you can post it here. As an Employer you can post jobs, interview and hire freelancers, set up prices and pay them, and even leave feedback for a well-done job. It is a very easy procedure. More details are provided in the “For Employers” section of the FAQ.

    How does work for freelancers ?

    If you are very talented, have great work experience and feel you can achieve a lot, then Sprindesk ® is the right place for you. Create an amazing profile to attract employers, write down a short resume including your skills and your previous work experience, and impress employers with a strong portfolio. Details on all of the above mentioned can be found in the “For Freelancers” section below.

    Is Sprindesk ® going to provide me with work ?

    Unfortunately not; Sprindesk ® connects freelancers with employers and creates a freelance marketplace. Our job is to provide you with the necessary tools to help you find employers and job opportunities. The rest is up to you!



    For Employers

    How to post a job?

    Posting a job is easy. After you create a profile using our step-by-step guidelines, you are eligible to post a job (Various membership plans along with the fees and charges for them are described in detail in the “Fees and Charges” section). First of all, you need to choose a category in which you need to get the job done (writing and translation, IT and programming, et cetera). After that, you need to choose “Post a project” from where you will be redirected to project page. Firstly, you must choose between a fixed-price and an hourly job (details about fixed-price and hourly jobs are provided in the “Jobs and Payments” section). After that you need to clearly state the job details in the “Description” section, for example, what job you need to be done, what are the milestones and give specific guidelines; the more clear and detailed your description is, the better are the chances of finding the right freelancer for your job. It is recommended for you to add the skills you need for a freelancer to have in order to apply for your job; in this way, it will be easier for us to suggest you freelancers, and for the freelancer(s) to find you. Finally, you need to put a price on the job. If you feel that the job price is negotiable, you may not put a price and discuss this matter later with the freelancer you choose for your job. After that, you can invite freelancers or wait for them to apply for your job.

    How to invite freelancers?

    Inviting freelancers is easy; after you finish posting a job, Sprindesk ® will provide you with a list of proficient freelancers whose skills match your job needs. You can choose as many freelancers as you want to invite to your project. After that, a freelancer can accept your invitation and apply for the job, or decline your invitation if, for example, they are busy with another project.

    How to evaluate candidates?

    We know that it is important for you to know whether a freelancer is good and trustworthy. To serve that purpose, we give you access to review freelancer’s profiles. There, you can find a lot of criteria which will help you see how qualified a freelancer is: ratings and feedback from other employers, description, skills, and portfolio. These will help you evaluate the freelancer and choose whether or not to hire him.

    How to communicate with a freelancer?

    If you need to communicate with the freelancer to interview him or discuss project details with him, you can use our messaging system. Any freelancer that has applied for your job is always open to communicate with you; so just hit the “Write a message” button and start your conversation with the freelancer you prefer. You can contact as many freelancers as you like before finding the perfect candidate for your job.

    How to hire a freelancer?

    Hiring a freelancer is as easy as clicking a button. Just choose the freelancer whom you like and press the “Award the job” button. After that, you can start working with the freelancer

    How to create and fund a milestone?

    Once you hire a freelancer, you need to create and fund a milestone according to the policy (more details about milestones can be found in the “Jobs and Payments” section). To do that, you need to priory add a payment method. Payment method is the way you upload money to Sprindesk ® for paying the freelancer(s) and buying membership plans. This will be required from you during the process of creating your profile. If you haven’t done that, then go to Profile > Settings > Add payment method. As a payment, method supports credit card , debit card and net banking . When you do that, you can create and fund a milestone. To do that, go to Workroom > create a milestone. After this, you will be asked to name the amount of the milestone and charges will be automatically deducted from your credit card or e-wallet.

    What are status reports and weekly payments?

    Status reports and weekly payments are used when you award an hourly job. This means that payments will automatically be transferred from your credit card or e-wallet to the freelancer every week, depending on how many hours during the week he has worked. Every week, you will receive a status report that will describe how many hours the freelancer spent on your job and how much are you entitled to pay for his services.

    How to pay a freelancer?

    Once the freelancer has completed your job and you are happy with it, all you have to do is to release the milestone you have created. Through this way, they will get the money you placed for them in the milestone. If the job is an hourly job, the payment is done automatically every week.


    Leaving feedback and rating?

    Once the freelancer has completed your job, you are provided with an opportunity to leave a rating and a feedback for him, thus giving you the chance to tell the world how well was the work done. You will be given a 5-star rating system to rate your freelancer. Feedback is a short comment on how did you find working with this freelancer.

    How to cancel a job, request refund or file a dispute?

    If you found out that the freelancer you hired could not fulfill your requirements or does not answer to you after being awarded the project, you are welcome to cancel the job and request a refund. To do that, all that you have to do is to choose “Cancel job” in the workroom and send your freelancer a refund request. The freelancer must approve the cancellation and refund request. If he does not do so, you can file a dispute (more information about disputes and refunds can be found in the “Refund policy” section) which our dispute specialist will investigate. If we find evidence that the freelancer did a bad job or did not follow Sprindesk ® policy we will end the dispute in your favor. If the freelancer does not answer to your requests within 7 days, the job will automatically be canceled and the money will be automatically refunded to you.


    For Freelancers

    How to find a job?

    First of all, you need to create a profile, which is done easily by following our step-by-step guide. You can choose a membership plan or go free (detail on membership plans are listed in the “Fees and Charges” section). For your profile to look professional and attract employers, you need to add a short description of yourself (consider it as your resume), your skills, portfolio work, a rating per hour and identify yourself (to identify yourself you will need to send us a copy of a document like passport and a copy of a utility bill paid in the last 2 months; further details will be provided during the procedure). Don’t forget to choose the category you want to work in. After that, you are free to apply for a job. You can search a job with the help of our sophisticated search engine which is built in your dashboard.

    How to apply for a job?

    In order to apply for a job, you need to read the job requirements first. If you feel you can manage the job, press the “Apply” button listed in the job proposal. After that, you will need to name your price and write a proposal. When you write a proposal, try answering to questions like, Why do you think you are able to do the job, Can you deliver within strict deadlines, What is your previous experience with tasks like this, et cetera. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and craft a proposal that will appeal your employer and let him know that you are the perfect person for his job. Also, if you have similar work done, attach them to your proposal so that your employer can evaluate your skills. Note that a 10% fee will be taken from you once you get paid for the job (the fee varies depending on your membership plan; for more details on fees, visit the “Fees and Charges” section).

    What is a bid?

    A bid is a point that allows you to apply for a job. Unless you use an “Extended” membership plan, the number of jobs you can apply to is not unlimited and the terms are 1 bid = 1 job application. Stated below is the number of bids you receive according to your membership plan:

    • Free: 10 bids per month
    • Basic: 30 bids per month
    • Premium: 80 bids per month
    • Extended: Unlimited bids per month

    How to check whether an employer is trustworthy or not?

    If the employer has a verified account and good feedback from freelancers, then he is trustworthy. Sprindesk ® protects you with milestones and status reports (details in the “Jobs and Payments” section of the FAQ).

    What happens after you get awarded?

    When the employer awards you the job, you may ask him a few more questions and request him to create and fund a milestone. If the work is divided into parts, then do not start working unless your employer has released the previous milestone and funded the next one. Next is the part when you start working and showing off your skills.

    How do you get paid for the job?

    In order to get paid for a job, you just need to ask your employer to release the milestone. Note that the employer will release the milestone only when he is fully satisfied with the work. After the money goes to your Sprindesk ® wallet, you can withdraw them to your credit card or e-wallet (more information about withdrawals is presented at the “Jobs and Payments” section of the FAQ).

    What can you do when the employer refuses to pay?

    If you have delivered a great job that you worked on for long hours and your employer refuses to pay for it, don’t worry. You can file a dispute. If the Sprindesk ® dispute experts find out that you have done everything by the book, then you will receive your money as deserved. More information about disputes can be found in the “Refund Policy” section.

    What happens after you finish the job successfully?

    Your employer will leave you a feedback and a rating. You can also do the same for your employer. After that, you are free to look for another job.

    What should you do in order not to become a fraud victim?

    Sprindesk ® protects you from fraud by keeping your personal data in secret and providing you with milestone payment system. If you want to be 100% protected, you just need to work strictly on our marketplace. Do not agree to do jobs and get paid outside of Sprindesk ® as it is against Sprindesk ® policy and you may become a victim of fraud.


    Jobs and Payments

    What is a fixed price job?

    A fixed price job is, as its name states, a job with a fixed price. Let’s say, you need a document proofread and are willing to pay Inr 2000 for it. This is a fixed price job. The payment for these jobs is done with the help of milestones. If the job is big and costs, let’s say, Inr 20000, then the employer and freelancer can come to an agreement to split the job along with the payment into smaller parts. This is safer for both – the employer and freelancer.

    What is an hourly job?

    An hourly job is a job that is paid by the hour. When the freelancer and the employer agree upon payment per hour and hour per week, they can start working together. Based on the agreement, a milestone is created and release each week.

    What is a milestone?

    A milestone may be considered as a check that is prepaid for the freelancers work. This check is funded by the employer and released upon work approval. This system is created for security reasons: so the freelancer is not afraid that he won’t get paid for his job and the employer to be sure that his money won’t be stolen without delivering any work. It’s a fair deal!

    How to withdraw money?

    Last but not least is the money withdrawal issue. When a freelancer completes a job and gets paid, the money is transferred to his Sprindesk ® wallet. From there the freelancer can withdraw his money. There are several withdrawal methods:

    • Credit card
    • Debit card
    • Net banking

    Fees and charges may vary and are described in the “Fees and Charges” section. Also, note that you may be charged additional fees depending on your e-wallet or bank policy.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, you may address them to support center and we will do our best to answer you the fastest we can.