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    Safety tips

    This section will cover safety tips for all Sprindesk Users. On Sprindesk, your safety is our priority and we take all possible measures by concealing your personal data from third parties and providing you Escrow protection for your funds. But we cannot take responsibility for your safety if you do not do the right things. That’s why we created this section with safety tips so that you know how to keep yourself safe on the Sprindesk platform.

    Safety for both Employers and Freelancers

    Here we discuss measures that both – employers and freelancers – must take in order to stay safe on

    Account safety

    Sprindesk has put a lot of serious work in order to protect your account. In order to fully protect your account from information breach or scammers, it is recommended for you to follow the below mentioned tips:

    • Use a long and strong password that has a minimum of 6-8 characters including both – numbers and special characters. It is not recommended for you to use your name, surname, birthdate or other information about you that can be easily obtained by someone else as password.
    • It is not recommended for you to use a password that is somehow related to your email address or use the same password as in other websites. This will prevent somebody who gained access to your other accounts to gain access to your Sprindesk account.
    • Do not give up your account password to anyone, even if he/she claims to be a Sprindesk worker or associate.
    • Regularly check your account for any changes that you have not made.
    • It is highly recommended for you to check your account activity, financial account, messages, work room and preferences so that you know whether or not, if at all, have they been changed; if you see any changes that have not been made by you, you must quickly change your password and report this issue to Sprindesk support center.
    • Sprindesk will send you emails automatically when certain changes to your account have been made; in this way, we help you prevent a breach of your account’s information.
    • It is highly recommended for you to change your password once every one or two months.
    • Never enter your username and password to any page that does not have “” right after the slash (/). If you see that the page has additional characters or spaces, assume that the page is not a Sprindesk page and it is not safe to enter your data there.
    • If you agree with an Employer or Freelancer to give them your website password on work terms, make sure that your Sprindesk password is not the same as your other site’s password.
    • It is highly recommended for you to install antivirus, spyware protection and firewalls to your computer.

    Protect yourself from hackers

    Hackers usually use fake emails and website(s) in order to obtain your personal information. You may be sent an email from a hacker that looks very much alike an email from Sprindesk (it can have the same design as our emails have, et cetera). In order to protect yourself from fake emails and websites that look very much alike, you must take into account the following facts:

    • Spindesk will never ask your email, password or other personal information from you though an email; we will never ask you to give us access to a page that we cannot access on our website. Despite the fact that Sprindesk will send you emails that contain links, it is best for your safety not to click directly on the link, but copy and paste it into the Address area of your web browser.
    • Sprindesk will never send you a greeting that sounds “Attention Sprindesk User” and will never ask you to confirm any details you have confirmed earlier though our website. We will never address you a threat that your account have been suspected of fraud activity and will never ask you to send personal data to resolve that issue.
    • If you see any of the above-mentioned or suspect that your account has been compromised, you must change your password at once and contact our support center.

    Is your credit card and personal information safe enough?

    Yes, it is. We have powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology (128 bit encryption), which is also in standard use by major ecommerce web sites. SSL encrypts your credit card number, name, address, and phone number before they are sent over the Internet.

    Employer safety

    When you come to Sprindesk to get work done, you always want to have work done well and not worry about scammers or something going wrong. Sprindesk does everything to protect you and make your experience worth your while, but to be fully protected please be kind enough to follow the below-mentioned tips:

    • Sprindesk provides you with an open access to a freelancer’s page, where you can see his/her ratings, feedback, previous work experience and portfolio. Be sure to work with trustworthy freelancer, who has a complete profile, a good rating and feedback by other clients and a greatly established portfolio. If the freelancer is a newbie and does not have a rating, you must pay attention to his profile and portfolio.
    • Never release money from Escrow before reviewing the work and being fully satisfied with it.
    • Never agree to work outside of Sprindesk
    • If you have any disputes with the freelancer, questions or concerns, contact our support team and we will do our best to help you as quickly as possible

    Freelancer safety

    As a freelancer who works with employers who are hundreds, or even, thousand miles away from you, you always need to be protected. Sprindesk always struggles to give you the best protection available, but it would be very convenient if you follow the below-mentioned tips:

    • Look into the reputation of an employer: pay attention at the employer’s rating, feedback from other freelancers and whether he made a deposit and/or verified his account.
    • Never agree to get paid or work outside of Sprindesk; this is most likely a scam and it does not meet policies.

    If you fall victim of a scam, be sure to report it to Sprindesk support center immediately.

    If you have any questions and concerns, please feel free to contact Sprindesk support center.