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    Terms of service

    Terms of Use


    This “terms of use” agreement will describe to you in which way you are allowed to use Sprindesk marketplace and services. Below will be described what you are allowed and not allowed to do when you are using Sprindesk website and services.

    In the Terms of Use:

    “Account” means your account of

    “Freelancer” means the Freelancer registered on

    “Employer” means the employer registered on

    “”, “We”, “Our website”, “Us” means Sprindesk services Inc.

    “User”, “your”, “you” means a Freelancer or Employer that is registered on our website.


    By using the services provided by Sprindesk, you agree with the terms that are described in this section and other sections. Sprindesk may change or modify the terms of use, so be sure to visit this page every once in a while.

    This website is an online market where Freelancers sell and Employers buy services and items. Freelancers and Employers must register for an account in order to sell and buy (respectively) on the Sprindesk marketplace.


    Before using the services provided by Sprindesk you must read the whole Terms of Use agreement and all the linked pages to it. We highly recommend that you read this Terms of Use agreement, the Privacy Policy, Fees and charges and any other page(s) that describes the policy of using Sprindesk marketplace. This is due to the fact that when you register for an account and start using Sprindesk services, you agree with all the terms and policies of this site. Otherwise, if you disagree with any of the statements made on any of the agreements, we do not recommend you to register for an account on Sprindesk marketplace.


    You are not eligible to use the Sprindesk website if:

    • You are under 10 or 21 years old (depending on your country, region and state of residence)
    • You are banned from using Sprindesk marketplace
    • You are not eligible for any legal contracts due to law restrictions

    Otherwise, you are eligible to use Sprindesk website and services. When you are using a business company name that sells its services, you agree that you have all the rights to it. If that’s not the case and a business address us with the issue that its name is being used illegally on our website, you will be automatically suspended from using Sprindesk marketplace without prior notification.

    We may at any time refuse to register a User at our discretion.

    Using Sprindesk Marketplace

    While using Sprindesk marketplace, you must not:

    • Do anything that disagree with the Terms of Use agreement or any other policy on our website
    • Post spam, irrelevant information or advertisements without our consent
    • Post contents and jobs in inappropriate categories
    • Fail to deliver payment to the Freelancer after work was delivered to you
    • Fail to deliver work to the employer after the milestone was funded, unless the employer himself changes the terms of the project or decide to cancel the project
    • Post offensive content and content that is not relevant with the website’s activity
    • Post fake information (including private information)
    • Harm Sprindesk in any way by using viruses or by the distribution of any other technologies
    • Attempt to modify, edit or reverse engineer any software used by Sprindesk
    • Collect and distribute information about Users to third parties without their consent
    • Distribute or post pyramid schemes, spams and advertisements

    While using Sprindesk services you must:

    • Agree with the Terms of Use and any other policy that is listed on Sprindesk website
    • Post your true information upon registration
    • Inform Sprindesk of any fraud or hacker activity you suspect on our website
    • Inform Sprindesk when another User is disobeying the Terms of Use or other Sprindesk policies

    Intellectual Property Rights

    It is our responsibility to protect all intellectual rights of Users on Sprindesk marketplace. If you feel that your intellectual property rights are or have been violated, you need to contact us at once and we will investigate the matter.

    Fees and Charges

    Sprindesk does not charge any fees to users as for registration, posting or bidding on projects, creating profiles, reviving other user’s profiles or portfolio, discussing project details. Other than that, there is a certain list of fees for both – freelancers and employers – and they are applied for the use of the services listed below:

    For Employers:

    • Membership fees
    • Services fees

    For freelancers:

    • Membership fees
    • Services fees
    • Withdrawal fees

    For more information concerning fees, please visit our “Fees and Charges” page.


    You are responsible of paying any taxes, according to your countries, region’s or states of residence jurisdiction. It is your own initiative whether to comply or not with the income tax provisions in your jurisdiction; Sprindesk will not take any responsibility for your taxes.

    Payment Administration Agent

    You know and agree that we may appoint our related bodies and third party personnel to accept or make payments from time to time for security reasons. This agent will have to follow the same rights as an Employer or Freelancer on Sprindesk marketplace.


    You agree that we may promote and display our company logo or business name and any other marketing materials and display it on your projects and profile, except if you request us to end promotion on your pages and projects via email.


    When you post content on Sprindesk website, you must agree that your content:

    • Will not violate jurisdiction laws and regulations
    • Will not be a copy of a trademark, patent or any other intellectual property
    • Will not be of any racist or nationalistic content and will not insult any race, country, nationality or religion
    • Will not be obscene or contain pornography, child pornography or child abuse
    • Will not contain the design or user’s guide to any firearm, nuclear, biological or chemical weapon and will not be linked or contain information about terrorist activity
    • Will not contain any viruses or any other material that may harm our website

    Feedback, Reputation and Reviews

    When providing feedback, you agree that it is a property of Sprindesk and you are not eligible to use the feedback, reputation or reviews outside of Sprindesk marketplace for any reason(s). If such activity is suspected by Sprindesk, your account will be closed without any prior notice.


    You do not have the right to advertise any services or items on Sprindesk marketplace (not including your profile, which can be advertised on our website by our promotion programs). If you desire to advertise anything on our website, you must agree with us first. Any advertisement, which we agree on, will be promoted exclusively by our website and we will charge a fee on the promotion itself.

    Communication with Other Users

    Sprindesk offers you a sufficient platform where Freelancers can communicate with Employers. You must not post email or any other contact information to your page, except of the required field during registration. It is against Sprindesk policy for you to agree to communicate with an Employer or freelancer via messaging services like email, phone number, or other third party messengers regarding information about your current work or any other work on Sprindesk. Any attempts to communicate with Freelancers or Employers outside Sprindesk will result into suspension from Sprindesk.

    Right to Review

    Sprindesk has the right to review any information you publish, upload or post on our website, if considered necessary by us.


    All Users must verify their identity upon registration on Sprindesk marketplace in order to have the opportunity to upload or withdraw funds and make the platform a safer and more sufficient place to work on. Upon registration, you will be provided with the necessary information for verifying your identity.

    User Services

    All services that you use on Sprindesk website must be used in compliance with the Terms of Use and all the other policies of our website. You are responsible for complying with these terms and acknowledge that you will be charged or suspended from Sprindesk marketplace if you don’t comply with our policy.


    Sprindesk provides you with a platform where you can keep your funds in. Remember, that before you can use funds (upload or withdraw), you must verify your identity. If you are an Employer, you may upload funds to your Sprindesk account; if you are a Freelancer you may withdraw funds from your Sprindesk account.

    You know and agree that:

    • Sprindesk is not a bank and do not provide banking services
    • Funds may only be loaded and released from your account by us, so you can use only our loading or withdrawal methods
    • The amount of money on your account balance is not ensured and may not be looked at as a guaranteed deposit
    • We can use your funds if we need to, but we will always pay you the amount of your account upon withdrawal

    Limits and Fraud Prevention

    If we suspect that a payment was made to you using fraud (for example, a milestone paid to you with the use of a stolen credit card), we shall retract the funds immediately. Sprindesk may place a limit on your account’s funds if:

    • You are found engaged in some fraudulent activity
    • The payee is somebody else other than you
    • We are required to do so by law
    • If we suspect that your account is in high risk of being damaged by fraudulent Users or other parties

    If a dispute is raised between a Freelancer and an Employer, there will be a limitation put to both Users’ financial account until dispute resolution.


    Any time, you want to end a contract with a freelancer, you will be asked to contact your freelancer for him to accept the refund policy or raise a dispute. This policy will cover both – fixed-price and hourly jobs. For additional information, visit our “Refund policy” section.


    Any Freelancer has the right to withdraw his earned funds. Funds can be withdrawn by the use of services like PayPal and will be applied a fee on. For more information on withdrawals and fees, kindly visit the “FAQ” section and the “Fees and Charges” section respectively.

    Inactive accounts

    Any account not used and visited more than 6 months will be closed. If you want to reactivate your account, you must contact our customer service, which will help you with account reactivation.

    Right to Refuse Service

    Sprindesk has the right to close, suspend or limit your account if:

    • Your action(s) do not comply with our policies and the Terms of Use agreement
    • We suspect fraudulent or illegal activity
    • You damage our website using viruses or any other technologies

    You know and agree that if your actions bring harm to our website, you will be charged $$$ as a means of compensation

    Milestone payments and dispute resolutions

    We have sufficient platforms and services which secure your funds and help you with resolving your issues. For more information on Milestones and Dispute resolution system, visit our “FAQ” and “Refund policy” sections.

    Access and interface

    When you register on Sprindesk marketplace, you agree that you are not a robot or spider or any other software to access Sprindesk marketplace without our permission.

    Closing your account

    You can close your account by entering “Account Setting” any time unless:

    • You have an open dispute on Sprindesk marketplace
    • You owe fees to Sprindesk
    • Your account is undergoing suspension


    Sprindesk uses your information as described in the “Privacy Policy” section.


    If you have any question regarding this Terms of Use agreement or any other policy, you may address them to our customer support team.